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Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

The Fishermen Welfare Fund

fishermen welfare fund
The Fishermen Welfare Fund is a Corporate Body under the aegis of the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping.
It was created by the Fishermen Welfare Fund Act No. 28 of 2000 and started its activities in May 2001.
It is managed by a Board of 10 members including the chairperson. 4 members are from fishers associations which include a representative of Rodrigues fishermen.  
1. Vision
The Fund exists to promote the betterment of registered fishers and their families of both Mauritius and Rodrigues.
2. Mission
The Fund promotes a high quality and cost-effective service to fisher’s community.
3. Objectives
The objectives of the fund as per the Fishermen Welfare Fund Act 2000 are:-
Ø     to advance and promote the welfare of registered fishermen and their families,
Ø     to manage and optimise the financial and other resources of the Fund to further the social and economic welfare of fishermen,
Ø     to develop schemes and projects for the welfare of registered fishermen,
Ø     to set up schemes, including schemes in respect of loan and other financial assistance, for the benefit of registered fishermen, who should make contribution under the relevant section of the Fishermen Welfare Fund,
Ø     to do all such things as appear to be necessary and conducive to the promotion of the welfare of registered fishermen in general,
4. Activities/Services provided
a)      Scholarship Award Ceremony
Every year, the Fund awards Scholarships to fishermen’s children who out perform at examinations in both Rodrigues and Mauritius.
The Scholarship Scheme was first introduced in 1991 by the Government.  The aim behind was to provide assistance to children of fishermen with good academic aptitude to emerge.  The Scheme was managed by the Ministry of Fisheries and later passed over to the Fishermen Welfare Fund upon its enactment.
At present, a total of 112 Scholarships are awarded.
Details are as follows:-
per category
(Form I to V)
Per month
Per Year
5 years
Rs 375
Rs 4,500
(Lower & Upper Six)
Rs 750
Rs. 9,000
2 years
(Degree, Diploma, Professional Qualification)
Rs 1,500
Rs 18,000
Up           to three Years
Post Graduation Course (Introduced as from January 2017)
Rs. 2,000
Rs. 24,000
Up to two years
Rs 375
Rs. 4,500
Duration of Course
To date, several children of fishermen have benefited from the Scholarship Scheme of the Fund.
It is very encouraging to note that amongst there are fishermen children who have studied Medicine, Chartered Accountant, Engineering and higher studies in other fields.
b)      Financial Assistance for Fishermen Family in Distress
An amount of Rs 10,000/= is granted to the family of fishermen lost at sea. The payment is made in four installment of Rs. 2,500/= each on a fortnightly basis to meet the basic need of the family. Besides, their cases are referred to the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development for social aid and Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare & Consumer Protection for counseling purposes and additional assistance.
c)        Financial Assistance for Accidentally Damaged Boats and Engines
At present an amount of Rs 5,000/= is provided to a fisherman whose fishing boat or Out Board engine is accidentally damaged at sea during work.
This assistance is provided so that the fisher can resume work at its earliest.
d)      Sick Allowance
A registered fisherman is eligible to a financial assistance of 14 days as sickness Allowance whenever he is hospitalized for 14 consecutive days or more.  Besides, the fisherman’s case is referred to the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development for consideration for social aid. The present daily rate for Sickness Allowance is Rs. 282/=.
e)      Winter Allowance
The Fund also manages a Contributory Scheme for the Bank Fishermen. The mechanism of the scheme is that the Fishermen Welfare Fund, the Fishing Operators and the Bank Fishermen each contribute Rs.2,000/= per fisher yearly to the scheme.  Then, the Fishermen Welfare Fund pays the total sum to the Bank Fishermen in three equal installments during the month of July, August and September as Winter Allowance. This Scheme is conditional on contribution made by eligible fishers.
f)       Maternity Allowance
The Fund manages a Maternity Allowance Scheme under which it grant a one-off maternity allowance to fisherwoman who has given birth to a child. The allowance meets the basic need of the family and contribute towards the health of the mother and the child. The quantum is Rs. 10,000/= payable at once.
g)      Funeral Grant
This payment aims to assist the family members of the deceased fisher to meet the expenditure for the funeral of the demise fisher and to give the family time to adjust to the new situation.
The quantum is Rs.5,000/= paid one-off.   
h)      Financial Assistance for the purchase of materials for building of Baskets traps
Under this scheme the Fishermen Welfare Fund provide financial assistance to fishermen in the purchased of materials for the building up of basket traps which have been damaged by natural calamities such as cyclones and high tidal waves. This Scheme is for only to those fishers whose mode of fishing is by basket trap. The financial assistance is given once per year. The ceiling of the assistance is not more than Rs. 5,000/= irrespective of the number of basket traps lost/damaged. The Meteorological Services report is used as the basis to confirm the occurrence of the natural calamities.
The Scheme is a new one introduced as from January 2017.
i)       Organisation of Events
The Fund every year organised a minimum of two events.
a)   Scholarship Award Ceremony for selected scholars.
b)   International Day of Fishermen - A Wreath Laying Ceremony and Inter-Religious prayers on 21st November each year at the public beach of Le Morne village in memory of fishers who have disappeared at sea during their work.
Phone No:
Fax No:
Mr. T. Boodia
(230) 234-7527
(230) 234-7375
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